Karl Noelle is a designer & photographer that lives, works & runs in Minneapolis.

He spends a lot of time on the internet.

He is forever fascinated.

A responsive redesign for Worldwide Monochem, a supplier for deodorizers in the RV, airline and marine industry. I designed and developed this site from scratch after iterating and getting feedback from the leadership team in Texas.

Running for
a Purpose

Self-initiated logo and applications for a running group I lead every Saturday morning.

Logo and responsive website for Opportunity Knocks Boxing & Fitness Arts. I designed and developed this site through a series of meetings and general feedback from the owner. It was later handed off to another developer for CMS implementation as well as an online store.

Various work for Substance Church, including magazine advertisements, a 100,000 home mailer, and other promotional material.

Satellite Industries

My work at Satellite encompassed everything from product photography, designing a monthly mailer and promotional materials, maintaining websites across 9 languages and 3 brands & growing a social media presence.